The global interest spike in cryptocurrency hasn’t passed unnoticed and reveals a clear demand for simple and easy tokenization of businesses worldwide. So far, business tokenization has been seen as an unattainable challenge for most and as a frontier of opportunities for industry pioneers. This undoubtedly will remain as a challenge until a secure and transparent solution is introduced that will drastically change the way businesses interact with cryptocurrency as a whole.

Trueplay is a fully developed ecosystem built for seamless business tokenization. The core focus of the platform is security and transparency as an essential part of the business integration and token release process. We strive to become the go-to platform for business tokenization by simplifying the token release process via the TrueSign module.

TrueSign is a secure API that works in-pair with Trueplay for seamless integration and transition to a blockchain-based system. With TrueSign, businesses can release a token of their own that will circulate within their platform as a standard payment method and can be transferred, withdrawn, or exchanged at any time.

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